Seo Elite 4 : The new version

Created a few years ago, by Brad Callen from Bryxen software; Seo Elite has helped optimize over 53,247 websites worldwide; a lot of them for highly competitive keywords and niche markets.

Seo Elite is still today with its version 4 making more and more success in the world of search engine optimization, and become a very specific SEO software.

With its eight software included in one, and its high technology and simple conception, we can proudly state that Seo Elite users are the most successful.

Seo Elite v 4.0 takes search engine optimization by its shortest way: (spying your competitors), you can quickly and easily see why your competitors are ranking well... Then copy their strategy to blow by them.

When you Download Seo Elite 4 and you use it, you're going to discover exactly how to get and maintain high search engine rankings. Plus, you'll know everything humanly possible about your competitor's linking strategy and you'll know exactly why they rank so well in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Seo Elite can be your SEO secret weapon to gain organic search engine traffic and many targeted visitors and new customers to your online business web sites.

Seo Elite 4 is a great multi-functions SEO Software that can automate or semi automate many important tasks needed to get your sites ranked 1st on Google and other search engines.

When you buy Seo Elite, you get a tool which is regularly updated for free and for life and enhanced to cater for any search engine changes. You 'll also have full access to the exclusive members’ only Seo Elite forum, which is very active (over 18,000 posts), and very instructive and helpful whether for understanding search engine optimization, or using Seo Elite 4.

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Seo Elite 4.0 features

With Seo Elite 4 you can get literally hundreds of links pointing to your website in a few time.

Seo Elite v 4.0 will allow you to gather the most important bits of data that we know search engines consider when making a ranking judgment.

Using this technology, you will be able to see how other sites link to your competitors - So you can see what percentages of keywords to use in your own links.

Seo Elite 4 will show you how many words are contained in a link that points to a competitor's site; so you can know how many words you should use in your own links.

You will be able to see what themes of sites are linking to your competitors, so you will know what sorts of sites to get to link to you.

You will be able to see who is linking to your competitors.

Seo Elite will show you how many links you'll need, what the page rank those links ought to be, what industries those links should come from, and to top it all off, where you can start to get those links for yourself.

The version 4.0 of Seo Elite includes an auto-mailer so you can easily email sites that your competitors are getting links to (amazing).

The Software will even tell you what IP address links are coming from, so you can see if your competitor is gaming the system.

It keeps you protected from 'bad neighborhoods'. First off, it helps you avoid linking to any spammy sites to begin with. But if for some reason a link is pulling your page(s) down, it will notify you so you can cut them off.

Seo Elite 4 keeps a running record of how your site is ranking for any term. This one feature is worth the price in my opinion.

It analyzes and compares special search commands on Google

It Finds exactly which websites your competitors are advertising on

If you sell anything, Seo Elite 4.0 allows you to find "super affiliates" to sell your stuff for you.

In other word, it will give you a Tsunami of traffic to your website in a few time.

So STOP chasing the math. STOP chasing formulas. Just STOP wasting your time.The only way that you can ever know how to optimize your site for both “on page” and “off page” factors is to know why a search engine "likes" a site.

And the only way to do that is to have a tool that will let you "SEE" what a search engine "SEES", and that is what Seo Elite will do for you.

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